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Despite years of work, Cosmo has been stumped by a number of cold cases. Unfortunately, these cases are on the verge of being closed forever. That’s why we need your help. Detective, join Cosmo Quest: Cougar Case Files and help us solve these perplexing cases. Your work will be rewarded.

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Cosmo Quest Case Files


Cougar Case Files

BYU Student Connection and Leadership Center to presents Cosmo Quest: Cougar Case Files.

Description: Solve the clue. Visit the scene. Find the paw. Complete the case.

Reward: For each case you solve, you will receive points. When 3pm arrives, the cases will be closed forever, and we will know who the best detective on BYU Campus is. The best detectives will be thanked with wonderful gifts.

How do I join?

1) Download the Goose Chase app (available on iOS or Android).

2) Register for a personal account with a username and a password of your choice.

3) Search for the Cosmo Quest: Cougar Case Files hunt or input the following game code: KKBQDJ.

4) Follow the prompts to select or create your player profile.

5) On the home page, select settings and turn Notification Settings to ON to receive real time game updates

6) Be on BYU Campus on March 27th at 12pm to compete for the Best Detective on BYU Campus title and accompanying prizes.

Detective Awards

Prizes will be awarded based on point scores.

Grand Prizes for the top detectives include:

1st Place: Apple iPad
2nd Place: Electrical Scooter
3rd Place: Apple Airpods

For 4th-25th place prizes see the drop down list at the bottom of the page.

Contact Us

For additional questions and information about the program please review the Cosmo Quest Rules below. For additional questions feel free to contact us.
Phone: 801-422-6009

Rules and Prize Information

  • All participants must abide by the following game rules.

    1) You do not have to be a BYU student to participate in Cosmo Quest, however you MUST be a BYU student with valid student ID to win any prizes, one prize per player.

    2) Points are awarded on an individual basis, but you can work on missions with members of your own household.

    3) All photo and video submissions WILL be reviewed. If a submission fails to meet mission requirements the submission will be deleted and the participant will be notified so they can try again.

    4) Blatant incorrect submissions (ie not relevant to the mission description) will result in a warning. Additional blatantly incorrect submissions will result in expulsion from the game.

    5) Submissions which are of a disrespectful nature or violate the BYU Honor Code in any way will result in a warning. Additional violations will result in expulsion from the game.

    6) Be respectful. This includes respect for all BYU campus policies and COVID-19 safety procedures. Please be considerate and do not disrupt the activities of campus facilities, other students, faculty, and staff.

    7) Moving, removing, or in any way adjusting clues or other game-specific content will result in a point penalty and possible expulsion from the game.

  • Case submissions will be reviewed throughout the game and following the game close time. Upon final assessment of submission accuracy, prizes will be awarded based on the final points collected. In the situation of a tied score names will be drawn randomly and prizes awarded accordingly (ie two players are tied for the 7th highest score, their names will be randomly drawn and one player awarded the 7th place prize and the other the 8th place prize).

    As noted in the rules, you must be a current BYU student to be eligible to win prizes.

    Prizes for the Cosmo Quest: Cougar Case Files include:

    Grand Prizes for the top detectives include:

    1st Place: Apple iPad
    2nd Place: Electrical Scooter
    3rd Place: Apple AirPods
    4th Place: Amazon Fire Stick
    5th & 6th Place: Echo Dot
    7th Place: Bluetooth Speaker
    8th Place: Tile Tracker
    9th Place: Unlocked! (3 game pack)
    10th Place: Escape Room in a box
    11th Place: Clue the board game
    12th Place: Escape the Room game
    13th-17th Place: "Unlock!" the game
    18th - 22nd Place: "Exit" the board game
    22nd - 25th Place: Wireless Phone Charger