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Area Vice Presidents Selection

The primary responsibility of BYUSA Area Vice Presidents is to facilitate Christ-centered leadership opportunities for other students, within the sphere of their area purpose and objectives. They seek to create relatable opportunities for student engagement, encourage personal growth, teamwork, appreciation, & leadership experiences for individual volunteers, & communicate opportunities to the student body.

Vice Presidents serve an average of fifteen hours per week through the Summer, Fall, and Winter semesters. Vice President's receive a full tuition scholarship during the Fall and Winter semesters. Some needs based financial support is also available.

Find information on eligibility, position requirements, & the application process through the handbook below!

Applications are Closed!

Applications for consideration as a Vice President for the 2023-2024 school year are now open. Applications will close March 6th at 8am. Applications will be reviewed and interviews held between the 6th and 16th of March.

Interviews and decisions are conducted and made by the incoming BYUSA President and Executive Vice President who will be determined during an elections process March 2nd.