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Brigham Awards

About Brigham Awards
Recent Recipients
Past Recipients
What is Brigham Awards?

Brigham Awards is an annual award for distinguished outstanding service. Members of the campus community nominate their peers who embody Christ-like charity and service. Recognizing individuals who serve the people of this campus in consistent, quiet, and unheralded ways.

How do I nominate someone?

Nominations are open to any students, faculty, staff, or administrators. The contact information for nominators and nominees will be requested as well as a brief description of why the nominee should receive a Brigham Award. Nominate through the link on this page, which will be live during the nomination period.

What happens next?

A panel of student leaders will review each application and five finalists will be selected. The recipients of the Brigham Awards will be presented to the BYU community at the Unforum event in April, followed by an awards luncheon.

Brigham Awards

The Brigham Award has been given to members of BYU campus for more than 30 years. Below are some of the previous recipients of the award.

2022: Nicole Barker, Bradlynn Christensen, Joseph Cochran, Marin Roper, Douglas Stone
2021: Kylin Cox, Kim Malan, Tracie Laham, Samuel Leigh, Andrew Bonney, H. Dennis Tolley, Madeleine Arnold
2020: Adam Quinn, Adrianna Davidson, Dana Chandler, Darlene Lopez, Ian Frandsen
2019: Lana Lichfield, Justina Taavana, Alexander Smith, Erin Tapahe, Jeffery Long
2018: Jacob Denning, Sarah Calvert, Loren Marks, Lauren Holbrook, Richard Fifita
2017: Samuel Stowell, Adrienne Shaumann, Holden Brimhall, Carolyn Billings, Sterling Hilton,
2016: Jacob Brewer, Marcos Gallo, Julie H. Haupt, Amanda Jacobsen, Paul Kucharek
2015: John Hilton III, Erin Kaseda, Natalie Newton, Brian Parker, wendy Sheffield
2014: Megan Arling, Brynn Wistisen, Cristina McLennan, Vanessa Fitzgibbon, Carter Avery
2013 - Tracie Ferrell, Matt Moen, Nate Sumbot, Courtney Davies, Marvin Gardner
2012: Richard A. Heaps, Michael O'Day, Ashley Bracey, Clarissa thomas, Eric Maughan
2011: John Campbell, Christian Richter, Fred McInnis, Jessie Crook, Sam McKnight
2010: Tyler Clive, Kristy Rowberry, Jo ellen Millard, Janielle Christensen, Martina Ming
2009: Gordon Jacobs, Gaye Merrill, Ken Westfall, Chehlsea Messick, Justin Bray
2008: Joshua Nathan Bushnell, Kailee Heger, Cole Hooley, Kory Katseanes, Jeffrey L. Strong
2007: Jini Roby, Scooter Plowman, Jane Wilson, Nick Hopson, Megan Turner
2006: Daniel Blake, Gary Booht, Matthew Ottesen, Eric Vogel, Teppi Sessions
2005: Patricia Conroy, David Dominguez, Chad Duford, Rosalind Hall, Tiffany Lai
2004: Jennifer Dascomb, Sam Glanzer, Travis Sevy, Derek Spriggs, Beverly Zimmerman, Liisa White
2003: Joseph Jackson, Ridger Maher, Jamame McDonald, Zachary Robinson, Kristie Sea Wright, Jacob Strain, Theodore Okawa
2002: Amie Adams, Amanda Brinlet, Steven Jones, Rock Magleby, Don Norton, Larry Peer, Dale Pratt, Nolan Reed
2001: Aaron Carr, Bryn Jensen, Heather Pabst, Rochelle rabe, Heather Sandberg, Regina Sanders, Sarah Swensen, Cherilyn Worthen
2000: Mithin Chintaram, Craig Giles, Rosalind Hall, Matt Montague, Don Morgan, Kristin S. Smith, Judene Wixom, Kerry Wyckoff
1999: Kimber Cantrell, Kerry Hammock, William Kesler Jackson, Marilyn Rish Parks, Roy Peterman, Matt Probst, Vance Taylor, Alton Wade
1998: Bethany Brady, Jenifer Kramp, Dale R. McCann, Mark Morris, Doug Patterson, Justin Tull, Mack Wilberg, Gawain Wells
1997: Travis Garrison, The Goodman Family, Robert Jex, Jerica Mohlman, Norm Nemrow, Ray Peterson, Mele Tanner White
1996: Gene A. Cook, Reinhard Olslear Franz, Eliza Mei-lan Lin, Maren Mouritsen, John Ward Shurtleff, Laurisa Ward
1995: Edward Chao, Mindie Dyskastra, Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Bob Kayihura, Troy Morton, Mary Tillack, Benjamin Tomander
1994: Jennifer Lee Leffler, Mililani McQuivey, Ann Michelle Morrill, Burton Rojas, Eucelia Samuelson
1991: Lee Ann Benson, Rebecca Blanda, Don Budge, Julie Franklin, Edith Krause, Jiim Phipps, Jeanne Walkwe, David Zimmerman
1990: Chris Felsted
1989: Mark Allen, Tim Birt, Gary Hill, Jim Hoffman, Jim McIntosh, Laurie McIntosh, Charles Nahale, Kim Slothower, Janice Youngstrom, Jeffrey R. Holland, Patricia Holland, Julia Mavimbel


  • Any student, staff, or faculty who works or attends BYU.

  • Candidates should go above and beyond when it comes to service. Candidates are not just good at their job or responsibilities, but they go out of their way to be helpful to others. Past candidates have made service their way of life rather than a task on their list.

  • A nomination includes the contact information of the nominator and the nominee. It should also include examples and stories about the ways that the nominee demonstrates Christlike service. There is not a word count for a nomination, however, including more information about a nominee helps the review committee better understand the ways a nominee exemplifies Christlike service.

  • Employees and volunteers in the Student Connection and Leadership Center cannot receive a Brigham award. Past recipients cannot receive the award a second time. Anyone not currently associated with BYU cannot receive the award.

  • Recipients of Brigham Awards are recognized on campus at the Unforum in April. Following the Unforum, recipients and those they invite meet for a luncheon and ceremony with President Worthen, where he presents their award to them.