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Welcome to BYUSA Elections!

Each year, campus unites its voice to vote in the new BYU Student Service Association President & Executive Vice President. BYUSA Elections initiates a productive dialogue and generates positive interactions between future student leaders on campus and the students they are striving to serve. The process promotes integrity and student development to cultivate a community of inclusive Christ-centered leaders.

Find information on candidate eligibility & elections dates below!

Looking for information about the Area VP selection process click here.


BYUSA Elections generates dialogue between candidates & the students they are striving to serve. It promotes student development & a community of inclusive Christ-centered leaders. Candidates assist in fulfilling this purpose.


There is a range of required qualifications in order to run. Please refer to the Elections Handbook below to find all qualifications, requirements, & information on the elections process.


Upon reading the Elections Handbook, click below to apply to run! If you have any questions, please contact the Elections Team; contact information can be found below. The application will be open from September 13 - October 25, 2021.


Contact Information

Elections Team
3400 WSC