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BYUSA Elections

Welcome to BYUSA Elections!

Each year, campus unites its voice to vote in the new BYU Student Service Association President & Executive Vice President. BYUSA Elections initiates a productive dialogue and generates positive interactions between future student leaders on campus and the students they are striving to serve. The process promotes integrity and student development to cultivate a community of inclusive Christ-centered leaders.

Students run in the BYUSA Election as a candidate pair, President and Executive Vice President. The student body vote will take place at the beginning of March. The time in between consists of developing a plan for the proposed year in office, developing a campaign, and participating in a series of experiences to connect candidates with the student body.

Details regarding the Elections process are outlined in the Elections Handbook, including eligibility, plan development, campaign process and rules, and required dates and deadlines.

Applications are Closed

Applications for the 2023 election to serve during the 2023-24 school year are now closed. Election applications are open each year from the first Monday of October at 8 AM and be open through the first Monday of November at 8 AM. Before you apply please make sure that you have read the handbook and have fulfilled all of the requirements.

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