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Care Week

Care Week is a unique campaign because it is the only week each semester where clubs and academic associations can raise money for charities of their choosing. This week-long event focuses on allowing clubs to join together with all BYU students to give back to the community in some way. The week is filled with activities such as concerts, shows, and races with all proceeds going towards nonprofits. It is a wonderful opportunity to unite with your fellow students and make a difference within and outside of our campus.

Care Week will be held November 13-18, 2023

Per university outline, donations can only be solicited during designated weeks. The defined period of time for fund-raising events or commodity drives in support of charitable or humanitarian causes is during a BYUSA-sponsored Care Week.

Check back in late October for info about our Care Week events!

Get Involved

Mikayla Shefchik | Team Lead
ATTN: Care Week