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Clubs Meeting in Summer

Come and check out some Summer clubs! For more specific information about these clubs, visit our clubs website here.

Boxing Club

When: TBD

Calisthenics Club

When: Tuesday, 5pm

Game Development Club

When: weekly/biweekly

Go Club

When: Tuesdays 7-9pm

Humor U

When: Every other Wednesday

Medieval Club

When: Wednesday nights

Minecraft Club

When: Tuesdays 7-9pm online

Mountain Biking Club

When: 2 times a month; biweekly Friday nights

Racquetball Club

When: Tuesdays 7pm


When: TBD

Shotokai Karate

When: Tuesday 7pm

Taekwondo Club

When: Tuesday 7pm

Tunnel Singing

When: Sundays, 10-11pm

Water Polo Club

When: TBD

Y Fiction

When: Tuesdays at 7pm, 4188 JFSB

K-Pop Club

When: TBD