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Robyn Damon

BYUSA Clubs Coordinator
Full Time Staff

Robyn Damon is the Student Connection and Leadership Center’s Office Manager and BYUSA Clubs Coordinator. Robyn began her college education at Brigham Young University. After getting married she transferred to San Francisco State University and completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Recreation, with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation. Through life’s many changes and opportunities, Robyn has worked as a substitute teacher and real estate agent on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Northeast Montana and as the volunteer coordinator for a large regional medical center in Billings, Montana.

Robyn, along with her husband Scott Marchant, raised two wonderful children together. Unfortunately, Scott passed away in 2016. In 2017, Robyn decided to move to Provo, UT and immediately became an assistant program administrator for BYU’s Conferences and Workshops department. She had two fun-filled years organizing several events for both the BYU community as well as other public and private organizations.
Robyn’s two favorite things to do, besides being with her family, is to travel and hike. In 2019, Robyn had the opportunity to combine her passions with her work and became a Swiss Travel Specialist, where she organized and guided adventure travel tours in Switzerland. Again, with life’s many changes, Robyn is happy to be back on the BYU campus, working with students and being in the middle of all the fun events on campus. Robyn is married again to John Damon. She is now a wife, mother, step-mother and grandmother. Life is full of blessings!