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Foundations of Leadership Conference
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BYU Foundations of Leadership Conference 2024

August 26-28, 2024

BYU's Foundations of Leadership Conference is an annual conference for incoming BYU freshmen focused on leadership. This conference, hosted by the BYU Student Connection and Leadership Center, is designed to be a launchpad for your years here at BYU. At this conference, you will be presented with the opportunity to connect with campus organizations, meet other incoming freshmen before the start of the school year, learn from the experiences of upperclassmen peer mentors, learn from hand-picked speakers, and have a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience!


The FOL 2024 application will open June 3, 2024. Sign up for registration reminders and updates on the link below.

Conference Details

Conference Dates: August 26-28
Location: BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp (check-in and check-out at BYU North Fields)
Cost: $380 (includes all meals, lodging, official conference t-shirt, round-trip travel between BYU and Aspen Grove, and all other conference programming)

How to Register

Because Foundations of Leadership participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis and the conference typically fills up quickly, we encourage participants to apply as early as possible in order to ensure a spot. Registration will open on this site June 3, 2024.

Financial Aid

In order to make the Foundations of Leadership Conference as accessible as possible for everyone, limited financial aid is available. To be considered for financial aid, please complete your FAFSA in advance. Financial aid decisions are made based off the Expected Family Contributions (EFC) number found on the FAFSA as well as expected scholarships and/or grants for the upcoming school year.

What Next

After filling out the application, students will be contacted and notified if they have been accepted. Participants will then receive follow-up information and updates, including packing and reading lists to review before the conference begins.

The Foundations of Leadership Conference offers BYU sophomores, juniors, and seniors the opportunity to volunteer as peer mentors. In exchange for guiding BYU’s incoming freshman, you receive free food and lodging throughout the duration of the conference, enjoy the nearly all the offerings of the conference, and of course free swag. Peer mentors are typically selected from the leadership of campus student organizations and previous Foundations of Leadership participants, but all are welcome to apply!

Peer Mentors must be available for the entirety of the session(s) duration they apply for, as well as one of the mandatory trainings discussed below.

What do Peer Mentors do?

As a peer mentor, you will have the opportunity to welcome and guide participants in their first BYU experience. You will lead them through the conference programming, facilitate group discussions, and help make the conference as fun as possible!

Conference Details

Conference Dates: August 26-28
Location: BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp (check-in and check-out at BYU North Stadium Fields)

Mandatory Training

Peer mentors are required to attend one of the following training dates before the conference. This training goes over expectations for peer mentors, lesson plans, the schedule for each day, and ways to help the participants have the most enriching experience.
Training Dates:
Tuesday, August 20 (evening)
Wednesday, August 21 (evening)
Saturday, August 24 (afternoon)

How to Apply

Applications are open now. Apply HERE.

Please review the frequently asked questions found below.
For additional questions and information about the program please contact us at:


  • Q: When do I pay for the conference?

    A: During the registration process, payment will be due and charged to a personal card.

    Q: Is Financial Aid available?

    A: If the conference fee poses a financial hardship, the BYU Student Connection and Leadership Center offers limited aid to those who qualify. Within the registration application, there is a Financial Aid application for those who are interested. To be considered you must first complete a FAFSA. Please have your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA and the total amount of money expected from all scholarships and/or grants for the upcoming school year ready, as you will be asked to have that information in order to successfully fill out the application included in registration.

    Q: How do I apply for Financial Aid?

    A: Conference application includes a section that participants can fill out if they would like to apply for financial aid.

    Q: How will Financial Aid be applied?

    A: If you are notified that you qualified for financial aid, you will receive a “discount code” that will be used in the payment process to reduce the overall cost.

    Q: Is there a deadline to apply for Financial Aid?

    A: Financial Aid requests will be reviewed after the application closes. Applying for aid will hold a spot for you.

    Q: If I decide not to attend the conference, can I receive a refund?

    A: All payments will be non-refundable after July 31st

  • Q: I am leaving on my mission, so won't be attending classes this fall. Can I still come to Foundations Conference?

    A: We recommend attending the conference immediately prior your first fall semester in order to maximize the value of your experience. If you have conflicts with mission dates, please reach out to us.

    Q: My son/daughter will be returning from his/her mission and would like to attend. Can they register?

    A: Yes. Many returned missionaries attend every year. Returned missionaries will always be paired with at least one other returned missionary in their group. We recommend filling out the registration on their behalf if they are unable to fill out registration on their own.

  • Q: I am living off-campus. Can I still check into my apartment early?

    A: Unfortunately, we cannot arrange for early check-in for students living off-campus. We encourage you to make your own arrangements for storing your belongings with your landlord, a short-term storage unit, a friend or family member, etc.

    Q: I will be living in on campus housing this Fall. Can I check into my room early?

    A: You may check in at no additional charge between 7:00 and 8:30 a.m. on Monday, August 26. You will need to email with your NetID by August 12th if you would like to check in early.

    Q: I don't have a car, and my parents will be gone. How can I get to the check-in location?

    A: We will provide a free shuttle service from both Helaman Halls and Heritage Halls to check in at BYU North Fields. This shuttle service will also be available after the conference to shuttle students back to the dorms. There will be a shuttle sign-up a few weeks prior to the conference.

  • Q: Is Aspen Grove wheelchair accessible?

    A: The majority of the central portion of Aspen Grove is paved and has ways to get around stairs, however there are certain activities that are not wheelchair friendly. We would love to work with and and all students who may have accessibility concerns. Feel free to call our office or pay us a visit in person.

    Q: Will there be a nurse/EMT present?

    A: Although we do not have a certified or registered medical professional with us at FOL, we do have a first aid kit complete with everything from ibuprofen to ankle wraps to tweezers. Any severe injury, reaction, medical emergency will be taken seriously and proper authorities will be contacted. If you need to take medication every day, make sure to list current medications in your registration form in case of an emergency.

    Q: Are service animals allowed at Aspen Grove?

    A: Service animals are not allowed at Aspen Grove

  • Q: Can I drive myself to the conference?

    A: No. There are very limited spaces at the check-in location. For liability purposes, students may not drive themselves to the conference location in Aspen Grove. If a personal emergency arises, you will need to arrange for someone to pick you up. In a medical emergency, transportation to a care center will be provided by conference staff.

    Q: Can I leave the conference at any time?

    A: Foundations Conference events and activities are unique and, if missed, may decrease the value of your experience. If an emergency presents, you may leave the conference. For liability purposes, if a students leaves the conference early for any reason, their time at the conference is complete.

    Q: My flight gets in too late to make it to check-in on time? What can I do?

    A: If you let us know ahead of time, we can have conference staff wait for you at the check-in location and drive you to the conference location at Aspen Grove. If this applies to you, you can email us at

    Q: I'm coming to BYU by myself. How can I get from the airport to BYU?

    A: You can take the Express Shuttle or the Frontrunner Train.

    Q: What time is check in/out for the conference?

    A: Check in will be 9:00-9:40 a.m. on August 26. Check out will be 12:00-12:30 p.m. on August 28.


For additional questions and information about the program please contact us at: