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Foster and celebrate the benefits of personal integrity, service, and inclusion.

Welcome to Honor

*All times/dates/locations are subject to change. Please revisit this website regularly for updates or checkout our instagram @byusa

BYUSA Honor is different and separate from the Honor Code. Honor seeks to accomplish the Vision of Student Leadership including: create lasting connections, foster an inclusive campus, cultivate skills and talents, and live with integrity as we plan and carry out the 7 programs described below.

This year, the Honor area is focusing on the principle of charity, the unconditional love for one another and for ourselves. As we move forward this year, we hope to demonstrate that charity to the campus community through our programs and campaigns. Through these efforts, our goal is to provide a more inclusive campus focused on loving one another and celebrating our differences.

Check out some of our programs below and how to get involved!


Service Squad

August 26, 2021 12:32 PM
We work to provide acts of service to the campus community throughout the semester. Service squad is a place to meet new people, plan fun activities to help serve students, and be a part of making campus a better place!


Provide anonymous, individualized service to struggling students.
Volunteers needed to help: Advertise the submission website, fulfill service requests, and deliver completed wishes.

PEN Talks

June 28, 2021 02:26 PM
Panelists made up of BYU students answer questions about their life experiences. They open a dialogue for topics to be discussed on campus that generally are not talked about. Previous topics include LGBTQ+ experiences, race and ethnicity, and body image. Follow the link below for more information.

Mental Health Matters

June 28, 2021 02:29 PM
This campaign promotes awareness of mental health challenges and mental health resources to the campus community.

Light Our Campus

July 09, 2021 02:11 PM
Encourage students to serve others during Christmas by lighting our campus community. We plan service events for students to participate in during December. 

Freshman Honor

Educate BYU Freshman on what it means to be a student here as well as how to live with integrity.  

Honor Campaigns

Implement campaigns on campus that encourage personal integrity and becoming better students and human beings.

Interested in helping us out?

We are always looking for more volunteers to help out and we would love to have you. Click the button below and put "Honor" on the volunteer sign up to help us out!

Andrew, Honor VP

Hello! My name is Andrew and I am the VP of Honor! I am from Saint George, UT and I am the only red head in my entire family. I am majoring in Experience Design and Management with a minor in Family Life. I love hiking, pickleball, swimming, reading good books, going to Disneyland, anything related to Brene Brown, and hanging out with friends. I am excited for this new opportunity to help provide service to the BYU community as well as a safe space for all to feel welcome. This year, with the focus on charity, I hope to encourage BYU students to learn to love each other no matter what our background is. We each have something unique about us and we all matter. I look forward to connecting with you this year and making this year great! Feel free to contact me at