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How to Use the Media Hub

Media Hub Process (BYUSA areas and Leadership Education)

  • You must get your coordinator to share a new workbook with you for each event!

    ActivitiesNadia Terron
    ClubsRobin Damon
    ConnectionsSheila Mayne
    HonorDave Nagata
    Leadership Education & Elections Team

    Angela Blomquist

    Logan Mann

  • Make sure you fill out as much information as possible! We will go through the workbook with you, but it is better if the info is already in there! This includes things like captions for posts, links to pictures/videos, etc.

  • Please CC all Media Hub emails and your coordinator. Also make sure that we have shared access to edit your workbook.

    Graphic Designers/Print
  • You must bring a physical copy of the Master Tab, Social Media page, and Website page to your meeting with the Advertising Consultants! Each page needs to be physically signed by coordinator.

    TO PRINT: Select "Portrait" and "Fit to Page"

  • This appointment is set up by coming in person to the Media Hub or emailing us at

    *Please make sure your workbook is signed before you set up an appointment with us!*

  • Bring the printed AND signed Master Tab, Social Media page, and Website page to the consultation. One of our advertising consultants will review the workbook with you and print out any other additional workbook pages that you need for your project.

  • Take the printed workbook pages you were given during your consultation and get them signed by your coordinator.

  • Set up your photo/video and design consultations by coming in person to the Media Hub or emailing the correct team member to set up an appointment. The sooner you set up your consultations the better!

    Graphic Designer:

    Bring - printed/signed Design & Print page, creative ideas, know what sizes you need
    Process - Consultation → Design Creation → Client & Coordinator Approval → Printing
    Notes - please show up on time and come prepared with ideas

    Bring - printed/signed Photo page, ideas, event information
    Process - Consultation → Photoshoot → Editing → Approval → Final Photos
    Notes - you must provide models and props, please be prepared and on time for photoshoot

    Bring - printed/signed Video page, ideas, event information
    Process - Consultation → Filming → Editing → Approval → Final Product
    Notes - you must provide models and props, please be prepared and on time for filming

  • Give us time to complete your designs, but email us to stay updated and feel free to ask questions.

  • Once you receive an email about your completed print material come to the Media Hub to pick it up and sign for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No! You need to get a new copy of the workbook from your coordinator for every event because we update the workbook and need to make sure projects are approved.

  • You will select what package you want in the workbook. The earlier you come the more print material you can get. Refer to the image below to understand what you can get with each package!

  • General Media Hub Questions:
    Design, Print, or Club Material Questions:
    Photography and Videography Questions:

    Your workbook should be shared with all of the emails.

  • Here is the process for working with the Media Hub if you are a club! Click here for more information.

  • If you come to us with less than 5 weeks until you need your advertising, you have to select a template design. This is to ensure we can get your print material completed on time.

    Below are the template options. You may also take an old design and replace the information on it.

  • Yes, coming with design ideas is very helpful!

  • No. To ensure we fully understand your project, please bring your completed workbook pages to your scheduled consultation.

  • No. Design projects are assigned based on current designer workload, therefore your project will be completed by the most available designer.