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Qualifying BYU Entities Advertising Process

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When permitted, the Media Hub is available to help qualifying BYU entities with on-campus advertising. Project completion times may vary depending on the current workload and available resources in the Media Hub. We charge a base cost for materials printed plus an hourly fee for the time spent on the design, video, or photography. For more information on how to work with us reach out to Learn more about the steps of the advertising process for qualifying BYU entities below.

Step-By-Step To Work with the Media Hub (Qualifying BYU Entities)

1. Reach out to for approval to help with your advertising.

2. After receiving approval, our advertising consultants will help set up consultations with our Media Hub team (graphic designers, photographers, and videographers).

3. Our Media Hub team will work directly with you to ensure quality and timely completion of your advertising.

4. Any physical advertising can be picked up from the Media Hub once completed and any digital advertising will be sent directly to you.

5. Advertising can be displayed in scheduled areas. Advertising space is acquired through Campus Scheduling or the front desk in 3400 WSC.