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Student Leadership Seminar Series

What is the Student Leadership Seminar Series?

Come join us for the Student Connection and Leadership Center’s new Leadership Seminar Series! Once a month next semester, we will have amazing guest speakers from across campus come teach student leaders practical and applicable skills so that they become better Christ-like leaders. Who are these student leaders? It’s you! Each BYU student, whether in a recognizable leadership position or not, has a positive influence on the world around them. So come and discover how you can be a more authentic leader!

What is our purpose?

The Student Leadership Seminar Series seeks to educate students on practical leadership skills and theories, centered on the example of Jesus Christ, so that they can better address the current and future demands of leadership on campus and in their lives.

What are the Upcoming Seminars?

Designing Your Life

This March 15th at 2pm in WSC 3380, join guest speaker Sterling May as he discusses what we can learn from professional product designers in designing our life and career. This session will include principles learned from the world’s largest marketing company and his professional work in student careers. Come discover the secrets of how to design a better life plan than you have now using product design methods and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information check out the book, “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans from Stanford University’s Life Design Lab.

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